We are very excited about the addition of DeDrone to our partners. 

Who needs our counter-drone System?


For the prevention of contraband smuggling (mobile telephones, drugs, weapons, etc.)

It is now common for drugs, tobacco, mobile telephones and weapons to be smuggled into prisons by drones. They are either delivered direct to the inmate’s window or dropped in the prison yard to be collected by the intended recipient. This cost effective use of technology can be extremely lucrative to the organisers of the smuggling operation and could put prison officers at greater risk.

PUBLIC (Embassies/Governments/Banks)

Protection against espionage or terrorist attack

Public buildings, courts of justice, Government buildings, places of public entertainment and sports arenas are all potential targets for espionage or, even more worrying, terrorist attack.

Vast amounts of time, effort and money must be invested in safeguarding the security of such locations. Until recently, automatic detection of hostile civilian drones was not possible, but now it is - thanks to our equipment.


Protection against industrial espionage and terrorist attack

The risk of drones taking high-definition pictures or video of documents, sensitive construction sites, new products or other intellectual property is real.

In addition, cheap and easily operated drones, which are fitted with the right equipment, could be misused for data espionage, sabotage, or even terrorist attacks. They can intercept or interfere with radio and telecommunication signals, as well as bypassing conventional security systems and personnel to smuggle sensitive information out of an organisation.


Protecting land and property against drone incursions.

Everyone should be able to move with complete freedom, and in complete privacy, within the secure confines of their own property.

Celebrities, personalities, important members of society or ‘ordinary’ members of the public are all potentially at risk from unscrupulous drone operators who are more than happy to violate private boundaries in order collect and then use images for financial gain.

Only our counter-drone system offers you a tried and tested capability to maintain your security and privacy by identifying hostile drones quickly and immediately raising the alarm, allowing counter-Drone measures to be implemented without delay.