The Future is now!

The Future is now!

Following the news that DJI have released a new Mavic Pro today named the Platinum together with the launch of the New Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian... I finally accepted that the future is here now! 

Ten years ago when I worked with colleagues to introduce drones into the emergency services environment, I remember stating time after time - that whoever cracks 'sense and avoid' will lift off the UAV market.

These DJI products which are 1/30 the cost of our first drone means that anyone with a moderate investment can take to the skies and make their own aerial imagery with relative ease producing amazing photos and movies of quality. 

We at UAS Support Services also realise that being responsible with your drone is of utmost importance! We used to say with our project - one mistake will ruin it for everyone! 

If you company wants to introduce a drone capability; it's not only important to find the right drones/drones for your needs, but it's vital your chosen operators understand what safe operation is all about! - one mistake will ruin it for everyone!

If you have any ideas that you would like advice on, experienced operator training, operating protocols and associated documents for your company - Feel free to call or email us to discuss at

Also check our our link on our front page to the Drone Code! One mistake will ruin it for everyone!