Aerial Imagery

Image data will be captured which can be used by the client in the following areas:

Creative media - aerial imagery for special events and applications, public relations and marketing.

Property and site inspections – high definition video and stills to evaluate the condition of buildings, sites and assets.

Construction - pre-construction site assessment, site progress imagery, utility asset surveys, earthworks surveys and mapping.

Photogrammetry and topographical land surveys - provision of accurate mapping with 2D datasets, topographic vector information and volumetric data.

Thermal imagery - aerial surveys for the detection of heat loss from buildings and detection of failures in photovoltaic panels.

Support Services


A number of training courses can be delivered by our very experienced team:

Initial Flight Training

Our Initial Flight Training course is a one day course aimed at providing people who have recently bought a new drone and want to fly safely for recreational purposes. Alternatively, it may be of use to individuals who are thinking about starting their own business and using their UAS for commercial operations. Students will be taught the necessary core skills to operate their system safely. 

System specific training

Our experienced trainers can provide specific training on a number of systems. These can be tailored to the individual or organisation and cover a range of equipment.

Emergency Service Specific Training and Ground School.

UASSS trainers will deliver a course that covers the essential theory and technical knowledge that is needed to become a commercial UAS pilot.

Operations Manual and Standard Operating Procedure Development

UASSS can provide information and guidance on the production of the UAS Operations Manual, which is a requirement of the CAA when registering for a Permission to operate in the UK. They can also assist operators in the development of their Standard Operating Procedures. This element can form part of the Ground School training or a more detailed service can be provided as a separate provision for document development.

UASSS can also provide a review service for policy documents and a document polishing service.